Tumbling Rock Cave

Tumbling Rock Cave is a Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi) property located in Jackson County, Alabama with over 6 miles of surveyed passages.

The preserve includes a changing area where cavers can don appropriate caving attire \ gear before making their way to its gated entrance. Just before the entrance is an area to the right filled with engraved bricks with the names of those who have donated $100 towards the preservation of this fantastic cave. You can buy a Tumbling Rock brick HERE.

Exploring Tumbling Rock Cave is perfect for those who enjoy walking through large trunk passage (borehole). Early on you can see remnants of saltpeter mining in the form of large vats used in the production of gun powder during the Civil War era and possibly the War of 1812.

Further on there are large examples of flow-stone, along with stalagmites and stalactites. One of the most notable features of this cave is a 400 foot tall waterfall called the Topless Dome.

Annually, cavers and even some non-caver groups make the trip to Tumbling Rock Cave in December to visit the "Christmas Tree Formation" which gets decorated with battery powered Christmas lights to celebrate the holidays.

Tumbling Rock Cave is owned and managed by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy. You can visit SaveYourCaves.org to become a member or make a donation. Becoming a member allows you to request a permit to visit their 170+ caves and help protect them for future generations.

In addition, I'd encourage you to check out the National Speleological Society's website and consider joining a local Grotto (caving club) where you can sign up for trips to caves like this and learn from experienced cavers

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