Rock Island State Park

Twin Falls

Rock Island State Park in Warren County consists of 883 acres of land managed by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and is known for having one of the most impressive waterfalls in the state of Tennessee; Twin Falls, which was created as a result of a rise in the Collins River due to Great Falls Dam. The impressive cascade spills down from a cavern into the Caney Fork River. 

The park also consists of Great Falls Gorge which  includes Great Falls and plentiful areas where you'll see people in the summer months jumping into the various swimming spots along the gorge. Historic sites include the Great Falls Cotton Mill which was operated from 1892 to 1902 and the Spring Castle near the mill which was used by it's workers for refrigeration and likely built around the same time.

Hiking trails can be found on AllTrails.

Rock Island State Park is are accessible to the public, there is no entrance fee or permit required.


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