Howard's Waterfall Cave

Howard's Waterfall Cave is a Southeastern Cave Conservancy (SCCi) property located in Dade County, George with over 3 miles of passages and 5 entrances.

Howard's Waterfall Cave has a fascinating history. A large steel gate can be found a short distance into the caves interior that was built in partnership between SCCi, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Conservation Fund, and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline to preserve Cherokee Syllabary inscriptions which you can read about about on Beau Duke Carroll's Masters Theses on Chapter 5, page 65.

The cave also includes "The Disaster Room" where an explosion occurred when a Scout group entered the cave in 1966, unaware that it has filled with gas from a nearby filling station. Their carbide lamps ignited the gas, creating an explosion that could be heard up to 3 miles away. You can read more on The Dade Planet.

Howard's Waterfall Cave is owned and managed by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy. You can visit to become a member or make a donation. Becoming a member allows you to request a permit to visit their 170+ caves and help protect them for future generations.

In addition, I'd encourage you to check out the National Speleological Society's website and consider joining a local Grotto (caving club) where you can sign up for trips to caves like this and learn from experienced cavers


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