Lost Creek State Natural Area

Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek State Natural Area is managed by Fall Creek Falls State Park and is connected to the larger 57,000 acre land base formerly called the "Mid-Cumberland Recreation Area". The area is connected by trail to Virgin Falls State Natural Area and includes a 40 foot waterfall as well as Lost Creek Cave, one of the largest in Tennessee with five entrances and seven miles of underground passages. In 1994, the Walt Disney Corporation filmed several scenes from the "Jungle Book" there and utilized both the falls and cave entrance.

Hiking trails can be found on AllTrails. Access to caves is done via permit HERE , but is only allowed from May through August as not to disturb hibernating bats.

Lost Creek Resurgence

Lost Creek Cave Entrance

Waterfall in Lost Creek Cave

Lost Creek Cave Entrance

Lost Creek State Natural Area is are accessible to the public, there is no entrance fee or permit required.


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