Cedars Of Lebanon State Park

Cedars of Lebanon State Park is located just east of Nashville and north of Murfreesboro along U.S. Route 231. The park land is a karst area, drained in large part by underground streams and in this case it would likely be Hurricane Creek and emptying into the Stone's River \ Percy Priest Lake impoundment..

The first Euro-American settlers to the area arrived in the 1790s and the city of Lebanon was established in 1802 was named due to the abundance of red cedar in the area which the settlers mistakenly believed were similar to the cedar forests of ancient Lebanon, which when harvested were used in the construction of the Temple of Soloman.

The park today includes
  • > 100 campsites
  • > 10 picnic shelters
  • Miles of hiking trails
  • A multitude of caves

Hiking trails can be found on AllTrails. Access to caves is done via permit HERE , but is only allowed from May through August as not to disturb hibernating bats.

Cave along the Limestone Sinks Trail

Jackson Cave

Watery passage near the sump in Jackson Cave

Cedars Of Lebanon State Park is are accessible to the public, there is no entrance fee or permit required.


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