Burgess Falls along the Falling Water River

Located just off of Tennessee State Route 135 between Cookeville and Sparta lies Burgess Falls State Park. The main focus of the park is it's main 136 foot tall cascade, Burgess Falls... named after Tom Burgess, a Revolutionary War veteran who settled along this section of the Falling Water River in the 1790s, whose family used the Falling Water River's rapids to power a grist mill and eventually a saw mill that supplied early settlers with cornmeal and lumber.

Making the switch... the Olight H2R Nova

It's been 2 full years now since I started caving. For my first trip, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a helmet. Then I grabbed some knee pads, gloves, and a couple flashlights from the store and headed out with a local grotto on my first wild trip underground. It was amazing! I certainly learned some lessons on that first trip that were no-brainers for seasoned cavers. One important lesson was that having a handheld flashlight as my primary light source was a bad idea since a headlamp would free up both hands for tasks like scrambling over breakdown or snapping pictures.

50 Unique Elf On The Shelf Antics

A holiday favorite for my kids is the arrival of "Nick", our Elf (Elf On The Shelf) who visits before Christmas each year. Just before Thanksgiving they start to expect his imminent arrival until one day, "BAM!"... Nick's back and doing silly things each night... exhausting Mom and Dad and often creating a mess. Here are 50 of his antics from over the years.

Nice Mill Dam Recreation Area

The Nice Mill Dam Recreation area area is located just to the east of today's US Hwy 41 (Nashville Hwy) between Smyrna and Murfreesboro. Named after Nice's Mill (once known as Ward's Mill) which has been lost to history... today it is a well-used fishing and swimming hole.

Lost Creek Falls

Lost Creek Falls is part of the Lost Creek State Natural Area and is fed from water emerging from a cave (Lost Creek Resurgence) that tumbles 60ft before disappearing into the ground below. In times of high flow, the water can spill across the sinkhole where it is located and into the mouth of Lost Creek Cave (which is also known as White's or Dodson Cave).

Windland Center Fossil Site Across From The Nashville Zoo

In addition to our previously posted fossil collecting sites in Nashville, the Windland Center fossil site is also a spot to take the kids to find these treasures of the past!
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