Wading through Merrybranch Cave

Merrybranch Cave is stream cave located in White County, Tennessee that was discovered back in March of 1972. It is relatively straight with minimal side passages and extends for nearly 4,000 ft... for most of it's known history it was thought to end at a massive breakdown collapse, but a through trip was discovered (Cave Resources of Tennessee 52:41) last year.

The Hidden Waterfall Of Nashville... The West Meade Waterfall

Hidden in a shady cove in West Meade is the West Meade Waterfall. The land of which it resides was purchased by TennGreen in 2013 and in 2015 Metro Nashville took ownership of the property.

Footprints Across Time... Visiting The 4,500 Year Old Footprints Of Aboriginal Explorers

Long ago, a group of nine Prehistoric Native American explorers approached Wolf River Cave in Tennessee with river cane torches in hand, and waded into the small stream that emerges from it's mouth. With only the light from their torches, they crossed into the caves dark zone passages, eventually making their way down a side passage approximately two hours journey from the cave's entrance. They explored this passage to its end before turning around and exiting by the route from which they came, leaving footprints and torch material in the cave mud. These footprints remained, undisturbed for over 4,500 years.

The Montgomery Bell Tunnel at Harpeth River State Park

The trail leading to the Montgomery Bell Tunnel is located in Harpeth River State Park in Cheatham and Davidson counties, approximately 30 minutes west of Nashville and is included as a National Historic Landmark.
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