The Circle Route At NSS Preserve and Indiana Classic, Buckner Cave

Buckner Cave in Monroe County, Indiana is part of the Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy and one of 17 National Speleological Society Preserves. The cave consists of approximately 3 miles of known passages that have been visited by generations of cavers making it the quintessential "Indiana Classic".

Everyone likes Hairy Elephants... Mastodons Of The Coats-Hines Site in Cool Springs

If you ask a random person where you would have expected to find ice age (Pleistocene) mega fauna like mastodons, Tennessee probably wouldn't be at the top of the list. The reality however, is that their remnants have been found as far south as Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky where the first specimen was found in 1739, South Carolina, and even in Cool Springs, Tennessee!

Raccoon Mountain Caverns, Waterfall Dome Expedition!

If you're looking for a challenging and fun adventure for the family in the Chattanooga area you'll have to visit Raccoon Mountain Caverns! With 5.5 miles of underground passageways and countless formations along the lighted, 1/2 mile walking trail in the Crystal Palace room alone, you'll be in awe at the sights.

Piney Creek Falls and Overlook Trail

Piney Creek Falls is one of several waterfalls located at Fall Creek Falls State Park. Outclassed by Fall Creek Falls which is higher, and Cane Creek Falls which is far more voluminous, a short trail and beautiful overlook are still available and make it worth viewing while visiting the park.

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