Blue Spring Cave

The Blue Spring Cave is privately owned with restricted access. It is currently the 13th longest cave in the United State with 40 miles of subterranean passages that descend to a little over 300 feet below the surface. Blue Spring Cave has three entrance, two on the surface that are gated and another, underwater entrance connected by divers. The caves furthest reaches are 6 miles from the entrance by the shortest known route.

Cave Entrance

Ships Prow

Root Cellar

Scalloped passages near the Root Cellar


Cascade Hall

Cascade Hall (Top)

Cathedral Room

These trips were made possible through explicit permission from the land owner. Access is otherwise restricted and a locked steel door has been constructed to prevent unauthorized access to aide in preserving the cave's contents for generations to come.

I'd encourage you to check out the National Speleological Society's website and consider joining a local Grotto (caving club) where you can sign up for trips to caves like this and learn from experienced cavers.

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