American Grandstand and The Grand Ole Opry #ad

On June 21, 2017 , Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent and nineties traditionalist Daryle Singletary took to the Grand Ole Opry stage to perform tracks ahead of the release of their first-ever duets album titled "American Grandstand". The two have been singing together since Daryle's first CD back in 1994 and Rhonda has sung on most of his indie records as a background vocalist or a duet partner. A duets album seemed to be a natural fit and both agree that it's one of the best projects they have ever been a part of.

Universal's New Water Theme Park... Volcano Bay!

Universal’s Volcano Bay is a themed water park at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida. The 28-acre park opened on May 25, 2017. The park’s centerpiece is the 200 feet tall Krakatau volcano. Krakatau is definitely impressive and a welcomed site.

Cripps Mill Cave And It's Historical And Biological Interest

Cripps Mill Cave

Cripps Mill Cave is one of the largest and most interesting caves in DeKalb County, though smaller than close by Indian Grave Point Cave. Historically, the water that flows from the cave entrance was used to operate the mill that is its namesake for over 150 years. The property has served community residents as a picnic area and as a trout farm in the mid 1970's. Today, the cave is well known to National Speleological Society cavers who coordinate trips into the cave with the landowner on a case by case basis since it is on private property as well as weekend vacationers who appear to reserve a stay at the Mill \ house.

The Brentwood Library... What Lies Beneath

Today when you visit the Brentwood Library, you'll find books, as well as a beautiful reading room with colored stained glass panels, a huge audio-visual collection, computers, people taking part in a slew of community classes, and a children's reading room with "Story Time". Along with the facility itself, there are beautiful walking \ running paths circling the grounds. If you take a stroll, you'll notice signs indicating that there is much more to the library that lies beneath the surface...
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