To visit the places posted on Exploring This Blue Dot, access our Google MyMap found below!

We’d love for you to go and visit these places for yourself, and if you don’t mind, post a photo or two in the comments of either the blog post or any of their related social media posts to share with others!

Disclaimer: Certain places that are posted are highly sensitive natural or archaeological areas that are either inaccessible without special access permits, or dangerous to the inexperienced and recommended that visiting them only be done with others with experience. To give readers an idea of their general location for educational purposes we’ve placed a marker in their county and noted that it is not the exact location. Visiting caves in particular can be extremely dangerous and it’s recommended that you visit the National Speleological Society’s website (link) to find a local group (Grotto) of cavers that can show you the ropes. Be safe!