Springtime at Foster Falls

On Easter Sunday the family and I were looking for a nearby hike to get out together doing something active. In having been there recently, we decided that a visit to Foster Falls would be perfect considering that it’s a nice short hike to the falls and would provide the kids with plenty of room to climb and explore.

On arrival my Wife pointed out that my truck wasn’t the only vehicle with the bat sticker characteristic of cavers which was entertaining.

Due to recent rain, the falls were gushing and it was a beautifully cool morning, yes there were hardly any clouds in the sky so we were able to enjoy some warm direct sun light on our faces as we made our way down the trail and down to the falls. Wild flowers were already out and blooming.


Having made our way down the trail to the base of the falls, it was great seeing how much Jennelle enjoyed the view being that it was her first time to these falls since these outings have been a rare treat lately due to her finishing up Nursing School  (which is finally over by the time this is posted! Strong work babe!).

If you’ve never been, there is a flat rock right in front of the falls, we made our way to it and proceeded to take a bunch of family photos and would recommend that you do the same. They come out great.

After photos we just explored and let the kids climb around the rocks surrounding the falls before heading back out and making our way home to make Easter dinner and spend the rest of the day together and relaxing. It was great going back to Foster Falls since there really weren’t any leaves on the trees the last time we paid it a visit. It’s a gorgeous stop and one of our favorite Tennessee waterfalls so be sure to check it out.


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