Foster Falls At South Cumberland State Park

Foster Falls is located within South Cumberland State Park which is spread across four different Tennessee counties; Grundy, Franklin, Marion, and Sequatchie. In the Grundy Forest area (Tracy City), lies Foster Falls which can be reached by a trail that is a little over one mile from it’s parking area.

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With spring fast approaching and temperatures finally reaching into the 60’s consistently, the kids and I headed out after a slew of their usual activities… a quick stop for lunch at Sonic and then a 1 1/2 hr drive from Murfreesboro brought us to an area that we have visited before and blogged about due to a hike we’ve taken there before, the Grundy Day Loop Trail. This time however, Foster Falls was on our destination. For years now I’d seen photos of it, but we just haven’t had time to make a visit with all the other destinations that have been on our list. I’m glad that it worked out this time!

With the weather being so nice the parking lot was packed and I should have taken a picture… after circling a couple times we found a spot as someone left and were able to hop out. On the way to the trailhead, one of the Rangers was talking to a small gathering of hikers and had a live snake and was answering questions. The snake wasn’t overly thrilled with the activity, which I assume was due in park to the cool temperatures. We stopped for a moment but then headed down the trail.

The trail leading down to Foster Falls is very short, the total hike roundtrip being just over a mile. It isn’t forgiving for those with disabilities or mobility issues, but with good \ sturdy hiking boots, you can quickly hop from rock to rock along the well designated path. The kids typically live for this and as you can see had a lot of fun making their way down.

Once we reached the bottom, an opening in the trees appeared and you can see Foster Falls in all of its glory. The sun was focused on it, illuminating it nicely and making a truly stunning scene. After a “WOW!” from everyone we noticed the bridge that gives access to the area directly in front of the falls and made our way across.

In regards to Foster Falls, it couldn’t be more picturesque. Directly in front is a sandy area with large flat rocks that are perfect for selfies or stationing a tripod for family photos. There’s an incredible amount of water pouring over the lipĀ  of the rock and it provides a satisfying white noise.

Honestly, the pictures don’t nearly do it justice. On the way back out I did the usual “Water Fall Rating Check” with the kids and asked from 1-10 where they rate Foster Falls. We had to unanimously say… that Ozone Falls is still our #1 favorite, but Foster Falls just took 2nd place for this family!

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