NFL Pro Bowl ’19 With The Nashville Titans Flag Football Team

The final phase of the Nashville Titans Flag Football team while representing the Tennessee Titans at the NFL Flag Championships was attending the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl!

Weather reports had shown 100% rain in the forecast for days leading up to the NFL Pro Bowl so ponchos were a must! The team woke up to pouring rain as had been anticipated and loaded the buses to Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL. Parking lots were full of mud and large puddles at the stadium, but the teams were able to quickly make their way to the stadium and through the security lines and in to the stadiums interior.

Inside, there were at least three merchandize shops… one for AFC team items, another for NFC, and one with both. With my son being a huge Saquon Barkley Giants fan we were able to find our way to the NFC shop and find a Pro Bowl Barkley t-shirt for the anticipated arm and a leg cost of $40. Considering the once in a lifetime opportunity that this was, it was worth it but still a bit stunning how costly the items sold here were.

On leaving one of the shops, we came upon a couple of workers handing out Pro Bowl AFC NFC towels and grabbed one of each as momentos!

Prior to the start of the game, the weather gradually got worse with winds so strong that it ripped the hood off of my poncho. Most Pro Bowl attendees stayed within the structure of the stadium until the last possible moment before the start of the game. While waiting we got to see the props used on field at the start of the game, as well as service men and women carrying the massive United States flag used during the National Anthem. After a quick group photo we made our way to our seats, ready to brave the elements!

Watching the game itself was an incredible opportunity for the players since they got a chance to see some of the NFL’s best… Quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Andrew Luck from the Colts, Russell Wilson from the Seahawks,¬†Mitchell Trubisky of the Bears to name a few, along with of course favorites like Saquon Barkley (my sons personal favorite).

As far as the weather conditions, all involved were likely hypothermic… shivering and thoroughly drenched. Once the third quarter was over we took the opportunity to head out to the buses that were waiting on the team to depart and started on our way back to the Disney All-Star Sports hotel.

I can’t express enough, what a fantastic opportunity this entire experience was for the players of the Nashville Titans flag football team. The Tennessee Titans really did an amazing thing for these kids… sending them to play as their representatives at the NFL Flag Championships, sending them to the NFL Pro Bowl,¬† and getting to meet many of their idols. Thank you Tennessee Titans!

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