Nashville Titans Visit To Disney Hollywood Studios

As part of their trip representing the Tennessee Titans at the NFL Flag Championships at the Pro Bowl, the players of the Nashville Titans flag football team had a free day to visit one of the Walt Disney World parks… considering the players ages, Disney’s Hollywood Studios park was the natural choice!

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I would be lying if I said that the players woke up bright and early, ready to hit the park! The 5 consecutive flag football games the previous day had taken their toll, so the team gradually got up and was still able to manage heading out for the park before lunch time. Most had never been to Disney so it was certainly a treat. With my son and I having gone previously, it was fun to get the players spun up about how “terrifying” the Tower of Terror would be. On entering the park we found the crowds to be minimal which was great. With Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster and the Tower of Terror being our main destinations, we headed in their general direction and were treated to an appearance of Star Wars Storm Troopers, led by Captain Phantasm!

The Tower of Terror as always was fantastic with all the care that Disney took to theme the entire line leading into the ride. The players could hear the screams of those already on the ride and seeing the elevator doors open to screaming people on the ride didn’t do anything to ease their anxiety about the ride. When we finally got through the line and onto the ride, everyone piled into our elevator cart and you could feel the tension of those who had never been on the ride before… when is it going to drop? Where is it going? It is great when the cart finally reached the point where you could feel the still air of the shaft where you drop and see the doors open and then hear their screams as they realized how high they were plummeting from.

Needless to say, everyone survived and each one of them admitted that they really enjoyed the ride!

The next ride up was Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster. Again most of the players had never been on so we moved quickly to get in line and after the standard wait, made our way into the recording booth and on to our “limo” ride.

Naturally with Disney’s purchase of Star Wars… Star Wars is much more prominent than the last time that we visited the parks. Between the Captain Phantasm and Storm Troop appearance in the beginning of the day, a cameo by Bobo Fett, young Jedi’s in training, and the construction of Galaxy’s Edge… Star Wars was everywhere!

Before departing for the day, I swung by the Toy Story Land since it had not been completed yet the last time that I was here… the theming is great and though I didn’t have time to ride Slinky Dog Dash, riders exiting the rider were enthusiastically praising it which certainly makes me look forward to our next visit!

Ended the day making a special trip to Disney Springs for my Wife and kids to pick up some treats for home at the famous bakery Amorette’s! These Mickey cakes in particular are fantastic but honestly, everything that they have is amazing!

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