50 Unique Elf On The Shelf Antics

A holiday favorite for my kids is the arrival of “Nick”, our Elf (Elf On The Shelf) who visits before Christmas each year. Just before Thanksgiving they start to expect his imminent arrival until one day, “BAM!”… Nick’s back and doing silly things each night… exhausting Mom and Dad and often creating a mess. Here are 50 of his antics from over the years.

Sippin’ Down Some Maple Syrup

Messages Written In Toothpaste

Hershey’s Kiss Poop

Rocket Elf

Pyramid Of Red Solo Cups

Marshmallow Snowball Fight

Streamer Christmas Tree

Underwear Ornaments On The Christmas Tree

Held Captive In A Jar By The Prep & Landing Elves

Damsel In Distress

Adventures In Shaving Cream

Cotton Ball Bubble Bath

Our Family As Elves

Balloon Filled Living Room

Sailing Away In The Sink

Frosty Window Frosting

Long Letter Goodbye For The Year

Decorating Eggs

Ketchup & Mustard Mess

Frozen By Elsa

Stopped Up The Plumbing With Green Pudding

Making Cookies

All Taped Up

Jedi Elves Versus Darth Vader

Playing Pie Face

Fishing For Goldfish

Minion Bananas

Hanging Out In An Igloo

Hanging On A Banana

Door Decorating


Making Christmas Great Again!

Christmas Decoration Ballooning



Toilet Paper Snowman

Hot chocolate Straight From The K-Cup

Lucky Charms Surprise

Flour Angels

Spiderman Elf

Teaching An Important Lesson

Campfire & Toasted Marshmallows

TP’ing The Playroom Closed

Playing Angry Birds

Green Milk… Ewww

Elfy Footprints & A Green Bowl

Ice Skating In The Freezer

Imperial Elf In The AT-AT Walker

Feeling Under The Weather

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