The Sewanee Natural Bridge

The Sewanee Natural Bridge is an hours drive from both Nashville and Chattanooga.. located in Franklin County, Tennessee it is the largest natural bridge in the southern section of the Cumberland Plateau. At 25 feet high and 50 feet wide, it's essentially a giant sinkhole that has partially eroded to form a large stone bridge.

Natural Bridge State Natural Area includes a small parking lot just off of Highway 56. On the day that we visited, there were several cars present, but still plenty of room to park. From the parking lot, the trail includes stairs and the distance to the natural bridge itself was only 0.1 miles.

As you descend the stairs you find yourself on top of the natural bridge despite it being narrow, it is easy to navigate across though it's certainly a long way down so caution is recommended with small children. 

Once across you go down the slope into the "bowl" and can get your first great view of the natural bridge where you can then explore.

Though it's not a very long stop or extensive hike, I highly recommend checking out the Sewanee Natural Bridge. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the sight and enjoy exploring the area!



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