Glow In The Park at The Adventure Park at Nashville

The Adventure Park at Nashville is a tree-top rope course and zip line experience located in West Mead that opened on June 9, 2018 and has several unique offerings! Along with their standard daytime rope courses activity, they offer Twilight Tickets for 2 hours of climbing at a discounted rate along with their amazing “Glow in the Park” event on select summer nights. Check it out!

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Standard tickets
2018 Adventure Park General Admission Pricing
All tickets are valid for 3 hours of climbing with an additional orientation and safety briefing that begins at your reservation time.  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your reservation time to register at the Park Store.

Age 12 & older: $54
Ages 10–11: $48
Ages 7–9: $39
Ages 3-6: $18

Tickets for the special Glow In The Park event can be purchase here!

Our Visit!

On arriving we found that parking was plentiful and despite being busy, the check in line moved quickly. Waivers can be signed prior to your visit if tickets are purchased online and in our case were, which expedited our checkin process! Once checked in we moved quickly around the main building where friendly and efficient staff quickly provided us with our gear.

With our gear in hand we proceeded to the gear orientation training talk where a demonstration was done showing how to properly put on our harnesses and after putting everything on the staff was able to assist in ensuring that everything was connected and tightened properly.

Since this was the “Glow In The Park” event, glow necklaces and bracelets were handed out which the kids loved, and we were able to proceed onto the course. Also, when the event begins, lights are turned on that completely change the appearance of the park giving it a warm glow while the surrounding woods are covered in darkness.

The course itself is fantastic. There is a single entry point that gives you some basic practice with the locking mechanism that allows you to traverse the course. It’s tricky to get used to and would be my one critique of this park though in fairness with rope courses, they often are and after a short time of using it through the courses various obstacles, everyone got used to it and it become second nature. The course includes several tracts at a variety of difficulty levels from super easy for small children (green and yellow), to the blue courses that offer a significant challenge, and finally the “black diamond” and “double black diamond” for those who are looking for a serious challenge.

We highly recommend visiting The Adventure Park at Nashville if you and your family are up for some rope course fun. The Glow In The Park event in particular is unique and would even make a super fun date night! Check it out!

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