Stillhouse Hollow Falls Natural Area

Stillhouse Hollow Falls is part of a 90 acre state natural area, a fairly short drive from Franklin or Nashville. The falls can be seen by walking approximately 2/3 of a mile along the Stillhouse Hollow Falls trail, which crossed an unnamed tributary that forms small scenic cascades before plunging approximately 75 feet.

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The parking lot was packed on the weekend that we decided to visit Stillhouse Falls and though accessible by car, caution must be taken pulling into the lot since channels ravines from running off were carved into the entrance road (dirt). Don’t let this deter you though, just take it slow. Once parked, the trailhead is easily found and the path well defined.

The trail gradually goes downhill and levels off before reaching a stream with a bridge walkway before continuing on. The trail continues and is even traversable by our small Shih Tzu who thoroughly enjoyed coming along. A small cascade was visible along the way before the trail went up another hill steeply.

At the top of the hill, the trail splits with the right trail going to an overlook from the top of the falls, and the left descending into the gorge leading to the base of the falls.

The approach to the falls brings you across another small bridge and then along a well travelled trail that brings you right to its base. On the day we went, there were another 10 people or so visiting. The base has a decent size pool that wasn’t deep that the kids were able to splash and play in as well as the dog before taking some time to climb the rocks on the side of the falls. If you carefully climb the rocks on the left side, it brings you to a ledge of sorts that are wide enough to maneuver behind the actual falls for a unique view.

I highly advise a trip to Stillhouse Hollow Falls!

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