Rope Course Fun At The Louisville Mega Cavern

Louisville Mega Cavern is a former limestone mine in Louisville, Kentucky that stretches for miles under the city and has been re-purposed to include a variety of tourist activities including tram-guided tours, zip-lines, a ropes course, mountain bike park, and an annual holiday lights display!

A special thank you to LouisvilleĀ Mega Caverns for providing access to their Tram tour and Mega Quest rope course for the purpose of reviewing for readers.

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Louisville Mega Caverns contain a total of 4,000,000 square feet of passages that reach a depth of 75-100 feet underground.

Prior to the installation of tourist facilities, the cavern started as Louisville Crushed Stone and was created by miners blasting out rock for over 42 years. In 1989 it was acquired by private investors who proceeded with developing the cavern to include a business park, storage facility, and tourist facilities.

The facility has also served as a fallout shelter, able to in the range of 50,000 people in the event of a nuclear attack.

Today when you enter the Louisville Mega Cavern, you enter through a set of doors into a lit hallway that opens into what appears like a large garage with tram cars awaiting eager tourists who are waiting for their “Mega Tram” ride and tour of the facility.

After getting tickets at the main desk, you join the group and are soon met by an enthusiastic tour operator who loads everyone on the tram and begins the tour which takes you by each of the caverns tourist attractions like the Mega Bike course, and Mega Zips with folks zipping back and forth the various ziplines through the miles of passageways, even stopping for a moment to wave to them and say hello. The tour also takes you through the various storage areas that companies use the caverns for including salt storage that the city of Louisville utilizes to keep roads clear in the winter, and finally the fallout shelter area. On the way out you notice a display of Christmas lights that are a small part of the Lights Under Louisville attraction that opens around each Christmas where people come to see their 850 lit characters with over 3,000,000 points of light.

Mega Bike Course
Salt For Louisville Roads

Finally once the tour was complete we headed over to “Mega Quest”, the underground aerial ropes challenge course! It only took a few moments for staff to go over safety information, get us setup with helmets, gloves, and a harness, and familiarize us with the belay system. The course itself is enormous with two distinct levels and a variety of obstacles that include several ziplines, one of which throws you into a cargo net that you must grab onto before finishing the course, though you have the option to restart the course if your time isn’t up.

Louisville Mega Caverns has a ton to offer families with children of all ages. Between the tour and Mega Quest for the little ones, and the more advanced activities like the Mega Zip lines and Mega Bike courses you can easily fill an entire day with underground fun.


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