Checkup on Doctor Mays Cave

Doctor Mays Cave is located in Middle Tennessee and has likely not been visited since the 1970’s… the entrance is on the north side of a sinkhole that is approximately 30 feet deep. The sinkhole’s side are steep, but the entrance can still be accessed without the need for rope.

The cave is composed of a single main passage that goes for 700 feet (estimate), that is an average of 10 feet high. A short distance in, you’ll notice when you look up a 30 feet pit opening that can be seen in the woods above the cave.

Also near this area, is a ledge, that appears to have an additional side passage that had material that was washed into the cave, possibly from another entrance.

As you proceed through the main passage, there is a dip in the floor approximately halfway through the area we explored that is transected by a small stream. With the proper gear, you can likely crawl through the stream passage a ways to the left and right, which I’d like to do during a dry part of the summer.

Making our way further, the passage transitions into a low crawl-way that chokes with drip-stone formations.

Please note that caving can be a dangerous activity for the inexperienced. If you have an interest in exploring caves, check out a local grotto from the National Speleological Society¬†website¬†so you can connect with experienced cavers in your area who will show you the ropes. Also, remember that caves can be on either private property or government land so please always ensure that you either have permission from the landowner or the proper permits obtained before visiting a cave. While there, remember to…

Take nothing but pictures.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

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