Rutledge Falls in Tullahoma, TN

Rutledge Falls is located in Coffee County and though it is not part of a state park, it is accessible due to the generosity of it’s landowner who keeps it open and available to public to enjoy. The falls are a beautiful sight and includes a swimming pool and creek under a shaded canopy of trees.

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As you approach the falls parking area, you’ll see the Rutledge Falls Baptist Church. As stated above, the land that the falls are located on is private property and fenced in though the sign is open and there is a sign welcoming visitors that requests basic considerations of those who visit.

The trail leading to the falls is very short and you get an almost immediate glimpse of the waterfall from an initial viewing area along with a statue, The Lady of the Fall, who was originally located at the Tennessee State Capital. It was a part of a set, named Morning, Noon, and Night and constructed in 1859. According to the Tennessee State Museum, the figure here is Night. A renovation project at the capital resulted in their removed and one of the owners of the falls, B “Pop” Jennings obtained permission to save the statue and place it on the short trail to the falls.

From the overlook, the descent to the falls is somewhat steep and rocky so caution is needed though small children can still make it with a little assistance.

The area around the base of the falls has plenty of shade and the water itself is quite cold though swimming is certainly an option with water getting to be 6 to 10 feet deep below the falls. The falls themselves are 40 feet tall and many climb it’s wet rocks and plunge into the water below.

The body of water that feeds the falls is Crumpton Creek, which eventually empties into Normandy Lake and the Duck River.

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