Fossil Hunting At The Nashville West Target

In addition to our previously posted fossil collecting site in Nashville, the Nashville West Target is also a great spot to take the kids to find these treasures of the past! It just might be the first time that you visit the store and not leave with a lighter wallet!

Go See It With Google Maps

Pulling into the shopping center off of Charlotte Pike, find a parking spot on the far left along the enormous rock wall.  The rock is part of the Catheys formation. Mostly limestone and shale from the Ordovician age… approximately 450 million years old. On reaching the wall you’ll see a large amount of loose rock on the ground. Be careful not to stay too close where rock from above can fall, and also be careful to not twist your ankle walking along the loose rock, but look closely…

You’ll found an assortment, but primarily brachiopods which were clam-like filter feeds that lived on the seafloor during the Paleozoic Era.

The Red Caboose site previously posted about has a better assortment, but the Nashville West Target is still a great stop with plenty of good specimens to find. The kids will love it.

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