The Nashville Christmas Parade!

The Nashville Christmas Parade was held on December 2, 2017 starting at 8:30am, mostly along Broadway in downtown Nashville! It was a fantastic parade with tons of floats, bands, performances, and celebrities.

Go See It With Google Maps!

Nashville is really becoming a smaller version of New York city with all it’s attractions, including it’s annual Christmas Parade. We arrived a half hour before the parade started and though it was packed with 50,000 people according to the media, we were able to park a block away and easily make it down to Broadway and find a spot near the grandstand to watch the parade and performances. We didn’t realize it prior but there are also seats that are available for purchase, though it is entirely unnecessary due to the amount of great viewing spots. See below pictures:

Penguin Balloon
Wack Job with a megaphone proclaiming everyone as horrible sinners and that Santa is dead

Penguin Balloon with a backdrop of Bridgestone Arena
Candy Cane Balloon

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