Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Honeysuckle Hill Farm offers plenty family fun and adventure for all ages!

Honeysuckle Hill Farm provided access for this post to provide you with a review of the family activities that they offer

The Honeysuckle Hill Farm Story

Farmer Jeff purchased his 12 acres in Robertson County in 1995 with no such visions of Honeysuckle Hill, just a place to “raise his kids and do a little farming”. He had a Fall Festival for church friends and neighbors for the first time in 2003 and discovered a passion. Honeysuckle Hill Farm was born and has since evolved into Middle Tennessee’s Largest Outdoor Halloween Attraction, featuring Scream Creek Haunted Attractions plus the addition of Nashville’s Music City Corn Maze and the Zipline Adventure Park. Now covering 200 acres, Honeysuckle Hill Farm is managed by Farmer Jeff and his family, plus 150 of the finest farm hands in Tennessee who are living the dream, sharing their traditions, and making memories.

We visited Honeysuckle Hill Farm on the opening weekend of their 15th Annual Fall Festival. The first thing you notice is that tucked away in the rolling hills of Springfield, TN is this gorgeous and expansive property with lots of room for children and/or adults to run and play. There is ample room for parking and a great spot take photos as you enter the large pavilion entrance.

You can start exploring the farm right out of admissions. You will find a pond pavilion, duck races, cow train ride, sand pit, airplane fortress, and much much more!!!

As we continued around the farm we found the haystack maze, chicken show, petting farm, gemstone mining, and even pig races (Go Sqwilly Nelson!)!!!

Around the gemstone mine, we found ourselves in front the rock wall and where you can get set up to zip line across the farm.

Not far from the rock wall my 3 year old daughter found the treehouse village! Also next to tree house village, we found the new apple blasters, duck pond, tire mountain and tractor playground.

As we continued around the farm, we found (not far from the tractor playground) the Nashville Country Music Corn Maze!!! But before you start this 12 acres of excitement, you have to grab a prop and take a photo with the cast!!!

Up next was the Pumpkin Train, which is my daughters favorite thing to do, and she was even able to pick a pumpkin to take home. (NOTE: You do have to have a ticket to ride the train.) You will also find The Back 40 Snack Shack and The Back 40 Ball Zone, so you could grab a drink, a bite to eat and play a couple ball games. A couple other fun activities are the Miners Mountain, The Corn Popper and The Pumpkin Hopper.

As we headed to the middle of the farm, we found very clean restrooms with a diaper changer station.


After that pit stop, we ate at Grandma’s Kitchen and picked up some fudge at KK’s Sweets and Treats.  In the same area you can find The Pumpkin Maze, Rat Race and The Fun House.

Last activity was The Hay Ride, and as predicted, my daughter absolutely loved it. Once we were finished with The Hay Ride, we made are way over to the Farm Market. They offer pumpkins, flowers, jams, jellies and many more items that you can purchase to take home and enjoy.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is a great family fun place to spend a couple hours or the whole day. It is amazing, all of the fun activities that they offer, and its a great place for the kids to burn off some energy. There is a LOT to do, and it’s well worth the admission price to spend the day. What we did not get to do, on account on having an easily frightened young child with an early bedtime, was Scream Creek and the bonfire rental. After dark, Honeysuckle Hill’s Scream Creek haunted attractions come into play with three different areas. Once you’re done being scared stiff, you can rent a bonfire spot and roast S’mores with friends and family. I look forward to the enjoying these once Livvy gets a little older.

If you love the Fall Season and want a place to take the family, this is absolutely the perfect place. This is our second year going and we already have plans on going back this year. Also make sure to purchase a Bounce Back Pass on your way out, for $7.00 plus tax you can come back later in the season.

Please check out their website for additional information and a map of the farm before your visit.
Also like them on Facebook and Instagram @honeysucklehillfarm

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