Lucky Ladd Farms, Farm Fun For The Whole Family!

In 2008, Jason and Amy Ladd purchased the farm with the dream of opening an educational venue to teach children (and their parents!) about the importance of agriculture and helping to reconnect them with their agricultural roots which are often 3-4 generations removed from the farm.

In 2009, Lucky Ladd Farms officially opened and quickly became known as “Tennessee’s largest petting farm”. Fall is by far their busiest time of the year with guests from all over the Nashville region and beyond coming to visit the pumpkin patch and corn maze, along with the multitude of other activities and educational exhibits that they upgrade, or add to ensure that visitors see a little something different each year that they visit.

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On arrival at Lucky Ladd’s it’s a short walk from the parking lot to the main barn. Going to the right side of the barn is a ticket booth where a friendly farm hand that you purchase tickets and get a bracelet from before entering the farm. Feed for the petting zoo area can be purchased here at a reasonable price so be sure to pick up a few bags before going in.

Soon after are signs pointing to the various activities that can be found  as well as a board displaying all of their upcoming festivities whether it be their Easter Egg Hunt, Watermelon Festival, Sweet Corn Festival, or slew of Harvest Fall related activities. These can also easily be found on their webpage.

 Generally the first stop for any visitor is the petting zoo area where our daughter’s favorite pig can be found roaming around waiting to be fed as well as sheep and alpaca’s. Further on is also an area where kids can brush the 15 or so sheep in one of the areas pens.

Once you exit the petting zoo area several activities present themselves including a children’s play area with various obstacles and objects to climb on, a barn to play in, gem mining, a large enclosure filled with corn to play in, as well as barrel rides and even a bubble play area (so be sure to bring bathing suits if it’s warm out!)

After moving through all these activities, there is a hill with a newly added barn enclosure over the slides that have been a staple for many years. Children (and adults) can run to the top and grab a burlap sack and race down them.

Across from the slides is a hayride as well as the location of the “Pumpkin Hollar” that is done in late fall, a wooded trails with glowing pumpkins.

When you are all through with all the activities the kids will have worked up an appetite so there is a separate area where you can purchase hamburgers, hotdogs, as well as various treats at extremely reasonable prices.

If you’ve never been, we highly encourage you to visit Lucky Ladd Farms. Your whole family will have a fantastic time and if you’ve been before, considering making it an annual trip considering the constant annual improvements that have been made in the 5 years that we’ve been visiting the farm.

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