Cavalia Odysseo in Nashville!

Near the Gaylord Opryland sits a giant 125 foot tall White Big Top tent the size of an NFL football field… This is the temporary home of Cavalia Odysseo, here in Nashville from August 30th and running through October 1, 2017. Cavalia is a spectacular show by Normand Latourelle from Montreal who is one of the co-creators of the famed Cirque du Soleil. Entertaining and visually stunning for adults and kids alike, it consists of a two hour show that includes 65 majestic horses and 50 people sharing the spotlight as riders, acrobats, aerial artists, and musicians.

VIP tickets were provided by Cavalia Odyseeo so that our honest review can be provided

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Started August 30th and goes through October 1st

2750 Pennington Bend Road, Nashville, TN

You can purchase tickets at a 15% discount from now through September 17, 2017 by using the below link and using the promo code “SOCIAL”
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Approaching Odysseo, it is a village unto itself comprising five tents, the White Big Top housing the stage and backstage, as well as seating and lobby area, all under the single roof. The Rendez-Vous tent hosts the VIP ticket holders for dinner, an open bar, and photo opportunities with the artists. The horses reside in a climate controlled stable tent that is complete with working showers, a tack shop, and blacksmith department. A designated Warm-Up tent is present where the riders rehearse and performers wardrobe and make-up dressing areas are located. The final tent houses a full staff kitchen that prepares 300 meals daily!



The VIP evening starts with fantastic food… sirloin steak, chicken, shrimp dumplings as a few examples along with caesar and pasta salad, all of which the staff kept well stocked. Several opens bars were present that provided unlimited water, juice, soda, wine, and beer.

For children, they had a kids corner with the standard cheese pizza, sliders, and hot dogs they’d likely prefer as options as well as complimentary bags of popcorn for the show!

Once dinner was finished we made our way to our seats to begin the first half of the show. I believe that all seats, VIP and non-VIP all appear have good placement for viewing of the show, though the first nine front and 6 side are dedicated for VIP ticket holders.

Cavalia Odysseo stars 65 horses and 48 human artists. The production’s Cirque du Soleil roots are on display in its structure of alternating acts, live music and singers, beautiful landscapes, and gorgeous choreography. The arena is smaller than I would have thought, but projected images on the back screens and on the arena itself create the illusion of a horizon and multiple environments for the performers.

As the show begins, you can immediately see the level of training that must have been required between performers and horses… barebacked horses performing in sync with humans with only verbal cues.

The Carosello (Carousel) was the only major set piece that dropped down from the ceiling. The act features acrobats performing feats of strength and balance on vertical poles.

During the 30-minute intermission, we headed back to the VIP area with it’s fantastic dessert bar with tiramisu, homemade cookies, various cakes, and fruits. Again there was a kids corner with chocolate-drizzled fruit and cookies! Highlight of the evening right here LOL

The second half performance was even bigger and better than the first with acrobats and African singing with drumming mixed in with tumbling and feats of strength. The performers were interactive with the audience calling for a response with their chanting.

One of the acts that impressed us the most was when, with all performers onstage, they had the horses ride by at full speed, while riders performed trips including one who climbed under and then back on top of the horse. The precision and skill of these performers was impressive.

The final act of the night involves the lower arena being flooded with water and galloping horses being combined with water projection for visual effect.

After the show, VIP ticket holders got to visit the stables and see for themselves how the horses are cared for.

Prior to our departure from the show, we go to catch up with Mathieu Hébert-Thompson, Cavalia’s Digital Marketing & Content Strategy Manager who was was able to provide a quick look behind the scenes at the impressive scale of the tent structure used to conduct the show including the backstage path that the horses utilize during the performance and show how over 50,000 gallons of water are used for the water segment of the performance.

The entire family from adults to children were honestly blown away by the performance. It’s exciting and engaging from start to finish and the staff do a fantastic job of managing each production to ensure that each ticket holder has a great experience. I highly recommend that you check it out and use the promo code above for a discount on tickets.

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