The 2017 North American Solar Eclipse… Worth The Wait!

The 2017 North American Solar Eclipse proved to be well worth the wait for many…. skies were partly cloudy though a great many popular viewing sites enjoyed enough of a break in the clouds to fully view totality, for some a once in a lifetime event.

The day was brutally hot, but as the moon started to overtake the sun, with glasses on we made several trips outside to check on it’s progress and see the gradual dimming of what appeared to be the entire world.

Teddy our Shihtzu ready to go

As darkness came, crickets began to sing and became apparent everywhere and mosquitoes came out in droves, clearly confused as to what was going on in the normally brightest and hottest part of the day.

Totality lasted for only what felt like a moment… 55 seconds total, but was absolutely stunning and amazing to witness…. living up to the hype of being a “once in a lifetime event”.



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