Jurassic Quest Nashville

Jurassic Quest was started in 2013 and has since traveled to more and more cities across the country. They have over 80 realistic looking, animatronic dinosaurs, some being an impressive (my estimate) 2 stories tall. There is also a “Dino Bounce” area with large jump houses as well as face painting, crafts, and even dinosaurs that the kids can ride.

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On arriving, the lines were considerable to be honest. It appears to be a very popular attraction with radio and television promotions going on ahead of the event. I would highly recommend following the suggestion on their website and go for the last 2 hours of the event on Saturday. At that time, there appeared to be no significant line and you would have been likely to go right in. Here is a photo of the initial line that does not due justice to the fact that it also went a short distance behind me and also around the building to the right.

Once we entered however, the kids really enjoyed the dinosaurs. They have a considerable variety, all animatronic, with all sorts of different lighting and sounds. See below for a few pictures from this weekend’s event!

Immediately after the main exhibit room there was another room that had life-like dinosaurs that the kids can actually ride as seen here.

And in another room designated space was set aside with fossil casts and staff on hand to answer any dinosaur questions…

Outside, they took advantage of the full Jurassic Park effect and had an entrance designated for the outdoor area where the larger animatronic dinosaurs are staged.

Along with the bounce-houses…

The larger dinosaurs were impressive, some being up to an estimated 2 stories tall. They were still animatronic however and had moving tales and necks.

Overall it was a really great time and I highly recommend taking your family!

See if it’s coming to your city by going to http://www.jurassicquest.com

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